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We are in the process of moving our blog to a new site.  In the meantime, you can click there directly at wearepueblo.tumblr.com (a temporary domain name).  In a few days, our domain will once again be wearepueblo.com.


The Beat Pharm: a vinyl love story

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Across from Rawlings library spins a record with a pharmaceutical symbol in the middle. Underneath that is a door that leads to a shop unlike any other in Southern Colorado.  The Beat Pharm, which if its name isn’t enticing enough the sounds coming from the speakers hooked into the record player will surely draw you in to take a look.  The owners, Dave and Rachel Ray, are both extremely helpful and outgoing ready to share their knowledge in vinyl.  And their knowledge is extensive.  In fact, the love of records is what brought the two of them together in Phoenix, AZ both transplants, Dave from California and Rachel from right here in Pueblo.  The records on the shelves of the Beat Pharm tell their story as they come from their own private collection.  But The Beat Pharm isn’t just about vinyl…let’s let Dave explain a bit more about what they offer and what they love about Pueblo.

WAP:  We’ve been driving by here for awhile and saw you guys working on the shop, but when did you actually open?

Dave:  We opened in October of this year.

WAP:  How has business been so far?

Dave:  Good…it can always be better!  I don’t know that people have quite caught on to the fact that we are also (in addition to the large vinyl selection) a very specialized bookstore dealing in writers like Hunter Thompson, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac.

WAP: Best time to stop in and shop?

Dave:  Weekday afternoons are generally slower, but we are open Tues-Sat 11-7.

WAP:  The Beat Pharm is a great name…how did you come up with it?

Dave and Rachel:  We wanted to use the word “Beat” because of the history and the use of the word…beat poetry, Beatles, Beatnik, etc.–and–we started thinking about how good music is for you.  Music is medicine for the soul.  That’s where “Pharm” came in.–

WAP:  So now that your here in Pueblo, what is your favorite restaurant?

Dave:  Restaurant 1521

WAP:  Besides the Beat Pharm what is the hidden gem this city has to offer?

Dave:  The Downtown Bar is great.

WAP:  We were in here the other day and saw a young kid buying up all the Credence albums he could get his hands on.  What would you say is your most popular item?

Dave:  All our vinyl.

WAP:  So you haven’t been here too long, but if there was something about Pueblo you’d like to see change what would it be?

Dave:  We should call our town “The city of Murals”.

WAP: Last question.  How do you see yourselves impacting the local culture?

Dave:  We welcome local artists to come by and use the store as a place for impromptu jams.

So, if you’re in the Union District shopping or just hanging out, or your an artist/musician looking for a place to create, make sure you run up the hill and check out The Beat Pharm, where as Dave says, “Everything’s always on sale.”  Spend a while going through the stacks of vinyl and who knows you might just fall in love.  Dave and Rachel did.

The Beat Pharm

685 S. Union

Pueblo, Co



Fun Yogurt

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If you visited any of the festivals in the Union District this summer you probably became familiar with Fun Yogurt.  Opening in April of 2010, Fun Yogurt has quickly become a destination point when visiting Union Street.  Not only is the yogurt fantastic, and the topping selection enormous, Fun Yogurt is the only Yogurt only shop in southern Colorado including Colorado Springs.  What has been a hit as a healthy, delicious alternative to Ice Cream across the nation has finally popped up here in Pueblo…and it was definitely worth the wait.

With Fun Yogurt the options are limitless.  You get to control the portion size, the flavors, the toppings and even to an extent the price since your paying by the ounce.  Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry being the three favorite flavors, they also present everything from Pistachio to Cotton Candy.  WAP’s personal favorite is a Vanilla, Choclate swirl with Carob Chips and Raspberry Truffles.  But that is only half the story with Fun Yogurt.

The other side is the Fun.  Colorful couches, tables and chairs, and big screen t.v. bring a homey feel to the shop.  Open Mic on Friday nights and Karaoke on Saturdays from 8-11 (which owner Joe Gigliotti told us, “you better get here early if you want a seat”) help put the Fun in the name.

So what does Joe think about Pueblo, Fun Yogurt, and Paragliding?  Let’s ask him:

WAP: So, you’ve been here since April…how’s business been?

Joe:  Fantastic.  We’re getting ready to open another store in the mall in the next couple weeks.

WAP:  Really?  Where?

Joe:  By Dillards across from the Glow-in-the-dark Golf course.

WAP:  That’s great.  What do you think has been the secret to your success?

Joe:  We have fantastic frozen yogurt at a great price.

WAP:  Yeah, the yogurt is good…what’s your favorite?

Joe:  Strawberry/Banana with Cheesecake, raspberry, craizens and peanut butter sauce.

WAP:  Seriously?  Well then what’s the craziest flavor you guys have.

Joe:  Probably margarita.  We change up our flavors pretty often.

WAP:  So…you moved back to Pueblo after living in Las Vegas, Durango, and even Costa Rica.  What would you say is the hidden gem in Pueblo.  The one thing worth the drive…besides Fun Yogurt.

Joe:  The Poppy Seed.  It’s a great store.

WAP:  Pueblo has a ton of recreational activities with the Mountains so close, the reservoir, riverwalk, and beautiful parks.  Where do you spend your free-time.

Joe:  Free time?  I guess if you don’t count the time I here at the store you’d find me paragliding.  I love to paraglide.  I’m either in the store or in the sky.

WAP:  Paragliding?  Do you give lessons.

Joe:  Yep.  I do.

Next time your at the mall or down town Pueblo, make sure you stop in at Fun Yogurt.  If you haven’t given it a try before you are missing a delicious snack/dessert, and if you’ve been before stop in and experiment with a new flavor.  And if you go during happy hour enjoy a 20% discount off their already low prices.

Fun Yogurt

223 S. Union


Last Leaf Printing and Design

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In the heart of Union Street Mathias Valdez opened his shop nearly 9 months ago and has been going strong ever since.  “It seems like I work 7 or 8 days some weeks” says Mo (Mathias), and that’s what happens when word gets out about a talented printer thats more artist than printer.  “It’s not just screen printing, it’s art.”  WAP first met Mo when we were searching for help in designing our poster.  After just a few minutes of explaining what we were looking for the wheels started turning and out came the poster you see today.  We decided to make him our inaugural interview, so without further adéu here we go:

WAP:  You look pretty young Mo, how old are you?

Mo: 26

WAP:  Are you married, have any kids?

Mo:  My wife Shay and I have a daughter who is 1 and a half.

WAP:  Are you from Pueblo?

Mo:  Born here lived here.

WAP: What is the one thing that makes you say, “ahhh…now that’s Pueblo.”

Mo:  Definitely green chili.

WAP:  Pueblo has some great architecture…do you have a favorite building?

Mo:  The Library.  I love the modern style in contrast to all the historic buildings down here on Union Street.

WAP:  What would you say is a hidden gem in this city?

Mo:  It has to be Taffy’s Orangaide.  It’s delicious.

WAP:  What would you like to see change here in Pueblo.

Mo:  There’s alot of things I love about Pueblo but I’d have to say I’d like to see us get some more, different things to do.  Maybe be more receptive and open to new things, and I really don’t like seeing a lot of run down buildings.”

WAP:  Last question.  Did you know, according to Wikipedia that P-town is one of Pueblos nicknames.

Mo:  Yes I did.

Make sure, if you are in need of design or print work, or are looking for a cool shirt or bag, check out Last Leaf Printing and Design.  Even though he always gives great deals make sure to mention you saw him on wearepueblo.com.

213 s union ave
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 583-4194

We are…

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We are Pueblo.  Multi-cultural, but one community.  We are proud.

We are strong.  We are Sun City.

We are colorful.  Art is in our hearts and

music runs through our veins.  We are green chili and festivals.

We are history and future.  We recycle.  We care for our neighbor.

We have heritage.  We help those who need a helping hand.

We work hard.

We are made of steel.  We are Pueblo.