Last Leaf Printing and Design

In the heart of Union Street Mathias Valdez opened his shop nearly 9 months ago and has been going strong ever since.  “It seems like I work 7 or 8 days some weeks” says Mo (Mathias), and that’s what happens when word gets out about a talented printer thats more artist than printer.  “It’s not just screen printing, it’s art.”  WAP first met Mo when we were searching for help in designing our poster.  After just a few minutes of explaining what we were looking for the wheels started turning and out came the poster you see today.  We decided to make him our inaugural interview, so without further adéu here we go:

WAP:  You look pretty young Mo, how old are you?

Mo: 26

WAP:  Are you married, have any kids?

Mo:  My wife Shay and I have a daughter who is 1 and a half.

WAP:  Are you from Pueblo?

Mo:  Born here lived here.

WAP: What is the one thing that makes you say, “ahhh…now that’s Pueblo.”

Mo:  Definitely green chili.

WAP:  Pueblo has some great architecture…do you have a favorite building?

Mo:  The Library.  I love the modern style in contrast to all the historic buildings down here on Union Street.

WAP:  What would you say is a hidden gem in this city?

Mo:  It has to be Taffy’s Orangaide.  It’s delicious.

WAP:  What would you like to see change here in Pueblo.

Mo:  There’s alot of things I love about Pueblo but I’d have to say I’d like to see us get some more, different things to do.  Maybe be more receptive and open to new things, and I really don’t like seeing a lot of run down buildings.”

WAP:  Last question.  Did you know, according to Wikipedia that P-town is one of Pueblos nicknames.

Mo:  Yes I did.

Make sure, if you are in need of design or print work, or are looking for a cool shirt or bag, check out Last Leaf Printing and Design.  Even though he always gives great deals make sure to mention you saw him on

213 s union ave
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 583-4194


~ by wearepueblo on October 15, 2010.

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