Fun Yogurt

If you visited any of the festivals in the Union District this summer you probably became familiar with Fun Yogurt.  Opening in April of 2010, Fun Yogurt has quickly become a destination point when visiting Union Street.  Not only is the yogurt fantastic, and the topping selection enormous, Fun Yogurt is the only Yogurt only shop in southern Colorado including Colorado Springs.  What has been a hit as a healthy, delicious alternative to Ice Cream across the nation has finally popped up here in Pueblo…and it was definitely worth the wait.

With Fun Yogurt the options are limitless.  You get to control the portion size, the flavors, the toppings and even to an extent the price since your paying by the ounce.  Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry being the three favorite flavors, they also present everything from Pistachio to Cotton Candy.  WAP’s personal favorite is a Vanilla, Choclate swirl with Carob Chips and Raspberry Truffles.  But that is only half the story with Fun Yogurt.

The other side is the Fun.  Colorful couches, tables and chairs, and big screen t.v. bring a homey feel to the shop.  Open Mic on Friday nights and Karaoke on Saturdays from 8-11 (which owner Joe Gigliotti told us, “you better get here early if you want a seat”) help put the Fun in the name.

So what does Joe think about Pueblo, Fun Yogurt, and Paragliding?  Let’s ask him:

WAP: So, you’ve been here since April…how’s business been?

Joe:  Fantastic.  We’re getting ready to open another store in the mall in the next couple weeks.

WAP:  Really?  Where?

Joe:  By Dillards across from the Glow-in-the-dark Golf course.

WAP:  That’s great.  What do you think has been the secret to your success?

Joe:  We have fantastic frozen yogurt at a great price.

WAP:  Yeah, the yogurt is good…what’s your favorite?

Joe:  Strawberry/Banana with Cheesecake, raspberry, craizens and peanut butter sauce.

WAP:  Seriously?  Well then what’s the craziest flavor you guys have.

Joe:  Probably margarita.  We change up our flavors pretty often.

WAP:  So…you moved back to Pueblo after living in Las Vegas, Durango, and even Costa Rica.  What would you say is the hidden gem in Pueblo.  The one thing worth the drive…besides Fun Yogurt.

Joe:  The Poppy Seed.  It’s a great store.

WAP:  Pueblo has a ton of recreational activities with the Mountains so close, the reservoir, riverwalk, and beautiful parks.  Where do you spend your free-time.

Joe:  Free time?  I guess if you don’t count the time I here at the store you’d find me paragliding.  I love to paraglide.  I’m either in the store or in the sky.

WAP:  Paragliding?  Do you give lessons.

Joe:  Yep.  I do.

Next time your at the mall or down town Pueblo, make sure you stop in at Fun Yogurt.  If you haven’t given it a try before you are missing a delicious snack/dessert, and if you’ve been before stop in and experiment with a new flavor.  And if you go during happy hour enjoy a 20% discount off their already low prices.

Fun Yogurt

223 S. Union



~ by wearepueblo on November 4, 2010.

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