The Beat Pharm: a vinyl love story

Across from Rawlings library spins a record with a pharmaceutical symbol in the middle. Underneath that is a door that leads to a shop unlike any other in Southern Colorado.  The Beat Pharm, which if its name isn’t enticing enough the sounds coming from the speakers hooked into the record player will surely draw you in to take a look.  The owners, Dave and Rachel Ray, are both extremely helpful and outgoing ready to share their knowledge in vinyl.  And their knowledge is extensive.  In fact, the love of records is what brought the two of them together in Phoenix, AZ both transplants, Dave from California and Rachel from right here in Pueblo.  The records on the shelves of the Beat Pharm tell their story as they come from their own private collection.  But The Beat Pharm isn’t just about vinyl…let’s let Dave explain a bit more about what they offer and what they love about Pueblo.

WAP:  We’ve been driving by here for awhile and saw you guys working on the shop, but when did you actually open?

Dave:  We opened in October of this year.

WAP:  How has business been so far?

Dave:  Good…it can always be better!  I don’t know that people have quite caught on to the fact that we are also (in addition to the large vinyl selection) a very specialized bookstore dealing in writers like Hunter Thompson, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac.

WAP: Best time to stop in and shop?

Dave:  Weekday afternoons are generally slower, but we are open Tues-Sat 11-7.

WAP:  The Beat Pharm is a great name…how did you come up with it?

Dave and Rachel:  We wanted to use the word “Beat” because of the history and the use of the word…beat poetry, Beatles, Beatnik, etc.–and–we started thinking about how good music is for you.  Music is medicine for the soul.  That’s where “Pharm” came in.–

WAP:  So now that your here in Pueblo, what is your favorite restaurant?

Dave:  Restaurant 1521

WAP:  Besides the Beat Pharm what is the hidden gem this city has to offer?

Dave:  The Downtown Bar is great.

WAP:  We were in here the other day and saw a young kid buying up all the Credence albums he could get his hands on.  What would you say is your most popular item?

Dave:  All our vinyl.

WAP:  So you haven’t been here too long, but if there was something about Pueblo you’d like to see change what would it be?

Dave:  We should call our town “The city of Murals”.

WAP: Last question.  How do you see yourselves impacting the local culture?

Dave:  We welcome local artists to come by and use the store as a place for impromptu jams.

So, if you’re in the Union District shopping or just hanging out, or your an artist/musician looking for a place to create, make sure you run up the hill and check out The Beat Pharm, where as Dave says, “Everything’s always on sale.”  Spend a while going through the stacks of vinyl and who knows you might just fall in love.  Dave and Rachel did.

The Beat Pharm

685 S. Union

Pueblo, Co



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