There is a truth that lies behind the words we speak…in fact our words control our thoughts.  It is impossible to think outside your vocabulary which is just another way of saying words are powerful.

What we are beginning here at wearepueblo.com is a movement of language.  We are looking to change the vocabulary associated with our city and transpose it into the beauty that is hidden around every corner and whispers from every bridge.  For some time there has been a recapturing of the magic this city once held and we are beginning to see it from the streets of the Union District to Bessemer Park.  You can feel it as you walk by third and main or if you take a drive to Pueblo Mountain Park.  We are wanting to capture the hidden gems, celebrate the local creativity, shine a light on some of the most unique and interesting shops, restaurants and art you can find in southern Colorado.  There is a myriad of things to do, some are just a bit hidden and some yet undiscovered.

Feel free to join in the spreading of this movement…and make sure when you describe your city, use the words that point out her beauty.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Ya’ll,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the idea and efforts behind your blog. The Pueblo Poster was such a great Idea. I hope you continue to remind Pueblo how great it is.

    Please check out another part of the Pueblo music scene
    our home grown label: http://www.blanktaperecords.org


  2. In my estimation, a town, or community, can be measured by it’s heart, and – like a featherweight boxer fighting several classes above his own – Pueblo, Colorado makes up for its lack of physical presence with an abundance of heart and passion. Granted, the featherweight may not always come out on top, but he has a pride in himself that is impossible to discount.

    The lead in to a piece I’ve been trying to write about Pueblo. It’s been a tough one to do. Although I’m not a true native, I consider this my home and I have mad love for Pueblo, which is why it’s been a tough piece to write.

    Right on for your efforts!

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